Is exhaustion a symptom around 38 weeks? If so, I have it. I think I could sleep for days at this point. I may be the whiniest pregnant lady on the planet right now. I sound like a broken record: “Wah, I’m tired, wah, my back hurts, wah, I have stretch marks, wah, I have to pee AGAIN!” Enough of this pregnancy stuff, just give me the baby already!

Since my last update, I’ve had a few appointments including an ultrasound where they predicted that Lucia is already 6lbs, 11oz! Ultrasound measurements can be off by a couple of pounds in either direction but part of me really believes this girl is huge. Charlie moved a lot in utero but Lucia’s movements feel much bigger and I constantly feel her in my ribs.

I’ve also scheduled a “just in case” c-section for April 18th, ten days after my due date. I figure by then, if I don’t go into labor naturally that I’ll be more than ready to have this baby out of me by any means necessary. 

I have a few more days of work and then I can relax at home and just wait for this little girl’s arrival. 


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