I’m in a much better mood than I was two weeks ago. Still ready to not be pregnant anymore but I can feel that it’s almost over. Plus, Conor and I have started organizing and getting things ready for Lucía’s arrival so I feel like I’m being proactive instead of sitting around waiting for a baby. There’s a lot less prep this time around which is why we put it off this long. We have TONS of clothes and diapers and since she’ll be sleeping in our room, there’s no nursery to fix up. The major stuff to do is laundry, put the crib together, pack a hospital bag, and write my birth plan.

Speaking of birth plans, I feel so much more relaxed about my birth this time around. The ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby but after that, it’s to have a successful VBAC. Of course, I’d love to have a drug-free labor but I’m not as dead set against pain medications this time around. Anything to avoid a c-section. BUT if I do have to have a c-section, at least I know what to expect. Overall, I’m feeling pretty positive about the whole thing.

Also, just want to talk about my shirt for a second. In the knitting world, the project that you’re currently working on is referred to as a WIP (work-in-progress). Being a knitter, I HAD to get this shirt.  34weeks2I’m also running low on clothing so I didn’t feel too bad about buying another maternity shirt. I’m down to this shirt, two tunics that fit more like regular shirts, and two jersey nightgowns that I’ve been trying to pass off as dresses. They HAVE to last the next 6 weeks because really, at this point, I refuse to buy anymore clothes.



As in yarn, not indoor cycling. I’m actually no stranger to making yarn but it’s been a couple of years. I used to spin on a spinning wheel but after not touching it for 6 months, I decided to sell it. I recently got the urge to try spinning again but wheels are pretty expensive so I needed to be sure that this is something I’ll stick to on a more regular basis. I went up to WEBS, a HUGE yarn store in MA, to try a few wheels but after sitting at them for awhile, I was reminded why I sold my wheel in the first place. The big thing is wheels are stationary and I could never get comfortable sitting in one position for a long period of time with my spinning wheel. I also have a toddler running around so I don’t get a lot of time to just sit and concentrate on one thing at a time. Enter the spindle:8459222254_a5f32f8d63_b

I tried a spindle before but found it tedious and slow. However, when I picked one up at WEBS, I was hooked. I find it incredibly relaxing and even better, it’s a lot cheaper – like $555 cheaper. I can also spin anywhere! I spin while Charlie is eating, while waiting for water to boil, a few minutes before work, AT work, in the car, everywhere! I can even spin while curled up on the couch, which is all I want to do at the end of a long day. Last weekend I finished my first spindle spun yarn:

BFL 78 yardsBFL 78 yard

I still have a lot to learn but I’m enjoying it so much. I’m about halfway through my next yarn, a sparkly superwash merino blend:


And I’ve already begun prepping for my next spinning project:


The only problem with spindle spinning is just how inexpensive the tools and materials can be. I’ve already purchased two more spindles since purchasing my first on February 2nd! This beauty is from Tilt-a-Whorl spindles. Of course, I had to buy some rainbow colored fiber to spin on my rainbow spindle.


I haven’t completely written off spinning wheels but right now, I’m more than happy with the spindle. 


I am SO pregnant. I may look happy in these photos but there’s going to be a lot of complaining in this post. If I didn’t see the ultrasound with my own eyes, I’d swear that this girl has at least 6 legs and 3 arms. She kicks nonstop and she kicks HARD. Her favorite time to squirm is right as I lay down to go to bed. She is going to break a rib, I just know it. I’m scared and I don’t say that jokingly. I have 8 – 10 weeks left in this pregnancy, that’s a whole lot of time to grow and get stronger. 

Last night, I was sitting up in bed at 3am just feeling exhausted and trapped. The only thing I can do is wait it out and hope that this girl makes her appearance on April 8th and not a day later. Some nights have been so bad that I’ve actually considered having an elective c-section at 37 weeks. Don’t worry, I always come to my senses in the morning. I’m too excited about the possibility of having a vaginal birth to have another c-section. Having to deal with getting larger and more uncomfortable is a lot scarier to me than the pain of labor and childbirth. Let’s just hope the next 8 weeks fly by.


I was looking at the snow photos I took of Charlie last year and one thing remains this same, this girl loves to eat snow. She had a lot of fun playing in the snow and seemed amazed by how much there is. I have no idea when the plows are coming but for now, I’m enjoying how peaceful my street has become. 

snow2.9.2013-5   snow2.9.2013snow2.9.2013-18snow2.9.2013-6snow2.9.2013-19snow2.9.2013-8snow2.9.2013-7snow2.9.2013-11   snow2.9.2013-20snow2.9.2013-2snow2.9.2013-13snow2.9.2013-15snow2.9.2013-3snow2.9.2013-10


I guess it’s no surprise that two goofy people like me and Conor would produce such a goofball. From making funny faces to breaking out in spontaneous dance, this girl is us through and through. The other morning she woke up in such a silly mood. She started making this sassy little face so I had to grab my camera. 

Goofball   GoofballGoofball   GoofballGoofball   Goofball