As of Sunday, I am 28 years old and currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. I always thought 28 would be the magic age I’d start a family and here I am about to complete my family! Well, maybe not complete – I have dreams of adding a dachshund and a chocolate lab one day. But as far as children go, we’re done. In my pre-mom life, I thought three children would be ideal but the second one isn’t even here yet and I know that two is the perfect number for us. Being pregnant with one kiddo running around is tough enough, I couldn’t imagine being pregnant with two kids to look after. I’m sure when Lucía is coming out of her toddler years, that baby fever will strike again. Lucky me for, I’ve got tons of friends and family who’ve yet to start their families. 


I have been feeling pretty great since my last update. My energy is up, I’ve been getting decent amounts of sleep, and the pregnancy itself has been pretty unremarkable. I’ve been feeling normal aches and pains associated with pregnancy but Conor, my wonderful husband, bought me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage and OHMYGOD, it was so amazing. I can’t believe I put it off this long. If you’re pregnant and reading this, go get a massage right now. Seriously.

I’m also finally excited about meeting our new baby girl. I know that probably sounds terrible but I really just haven’t had the time or energy to focus on her until recently. Now that her movements are getting bigger and stronger, I’m constantly reminded that I’m going to have a little newborn soon. She moves around a TON and she seems to react whenever she hears Charlie’s voice. Especially, when she’s being loud. I love when I’m cuddling with Charlie and I can feel Lucía squirming away, I feel like I’m holding both of my girls. 

Speaking of Charlie, check this “little” girl out!


I can’t believe how big she is. She is speaking full on sentences these days and is experimenting with counting. I love that she can tell us what she wants and that I don’t need to do every single thing for her. I actually  have to remind myself to take a step back and let her work things out on her own. One of her favorites phrases these days is, “Charlie do it!”

She likes to pick out her clothes in the morning and put her shoes on by herself (with a little assistance from me). The other night, I was cooking dinner and it didn’t occur to me until my back started hurting that I had been standing in the same spot for about a half hour. Charlie had been playing independently, jumping from activity to activity, without any guidance from me or Conor. We looked at each other like “Who is this girl??”

Charlie has also been big on babies lately. She likes to feed and change her baby doll’s diaper and put her down for a nap. It’s actually very cute the way she lays her doll down, puts a blanket on her, and rubs her back. And she just loves her baby cousin, Mason. He was over a couple of weeks ago and she wanted to help with everything and gave him hug after hug. I think my heart may have exploded a little. 

mason charlie

I think she is going to be beside herself when Lucía gets here. 


I’m not big on resolutions, mostly because I never keep them, BUT this year I made a somewhat simple resolution to knit more. My goal is to knit 13 projects in 2013 and so far, I’m doing well. I completed a sweater for Charlie (photo above) and two hats for myself (photos below). These were small projects that took very little time but they’ve given me a nice head start. I haven’t planned out all of my projects for the year but I know I need to make a sweater for myself and I’m currently working on this wonderful blanket.

Happy knitting!

Knitting 2013

Pattern: Snapdragon Tam

Knitting 2013

Pattern: Jenny Cloche