Finally, a sweater for Conor. It only took 8 years of asking! This pattern is Brownstone by Jared Flood. If you’re interested in knitting, you have to check out his blog. His work is flawless and always beautifully photographed. 


I got through the bulk of this sweater in just 10 days. I knit during every free moment. It’s a very simple sweater so I didn’t have to pay much attention while knitting – I could pick it up almost anywhere and knock a couple of rows out. Simple patterns can be boring but I actually really enjoyed knitting this sweater. I think knowing that Conor would finally be able to wear something I knit for him kept me motivated. 


I also loved working with this yarn, Shelter. It’s wooly and soft and I love the tweedy texture. It’s a bit scratchy but in a good way I think. When you touch it, you just know it’s going to be perfect for keeping you warm in the winter. I think I’m going to have to pick up some more to knit myself something. 


Conor was a real trooper for modeling this thing in the middle of August. Notice how Charlie is wearing nothing but a diaper?



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