I’m linking up with The Paper Mama “Pet” Photo Challenge. This is Vinnie, aka, the best dog in the world. I feel a little bad because since Charlie has come along, I haven’t been as warm towards the Vinners. I used to attack him with hugs and belly scratches but now I feel a little cautious around him because I don’t want him to bite Charlie. The truth is, he probably never will. He might yip at her if she’s bothering him but I don’t think he’s capable of harming anyone. He can be kind of a crank but he really is a sweetheart who just wants some love (and lots of treats). Plus, Charlie LOVES him. She goes nuts and squeals whenever she sees him and she cracks up when he takes treats from her. I’m going to try a little harder to give Vinnie the love he deserves.

The Paper Mama

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