Charlie LOVES playing with water. If I really need some time to myself, I bring her kiddie pool indoors and let her play with water in the kitchen. We went to my Uncle Del’s house this past weekend and as soon as Charlie saw the big pool, she was ready to run in. Hope her little kiddie pool doesn’t disappoint her now!






My Grandmother from Florida is also in town so of course, I had to snag a photo of the four generations of women in my family, plus a few more:






I’ve been looking up some knit beret-style hats for Charlie to wear this winter. The other day, I was looking through a closet for some knitting supplies and came across this hat I knit in 2008! It’s way too small for me but perfect for Charlie. 

I still plan on knitting a few more, though. Can’t have too many berets! 


I’ve said it many times but I LOVE having a toddler. I’ve taken Charlie to the park before, mostly just to get outside, but I always felt like I forcing her to have fun. We haven’t been in awhile so on whim, I decided to take her yesterday afternoon. It’s so much more fun now that she actually wants to PLAY. 






Elmo had fun, too.


My brother, Mike, and sister-in-law, Trisha, are expecting their first child in November! I’m so happy for them and can’t wait to meet the little guy! And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled about Charlie having a playmate. 


Charlie, why you no sleep?

After 15 months of pretty good sleep why is my child acting crazy now? Charlie has never slept through the night with any regularity but she always went back down easily.  Lately, this girl wants to PARTY at 1am. She isn’t cranky and crying, she just wants to play. Last night, she was just running back and forth between me and Conor or she’d just sit up and babble to herself. However, I couldn’t leave her alone. She had to be near one of us or she’d start fussing. She was obviously very tired but she would not stay down for long. The moment she’d start to fall asleep she’d force herself to wake up. Is this some sort of sleep regression?