Charlie has changed so much in the past two months. My father-in-law said it best: This is a little girl, not a baby! She’s walking with no problem and even has a few words under her belt. It might sound like “grguhcruger” to you but to me, it sounds like a “graham cracker”. 

It’s pretty cool that I can decipher what she’s saying but what’s even cooler is that she understands what I’m saying. The other day I asked her where her stuffed bunny was and she pointed to the dining room. I asked her to bring me the stuffed bunny and she walked right out of the livingroom, paused at the TV to wave byebye to Stephen Colbert, went to the dining room and came back to give me the bunny. She really does wave byebye quite a bit. At the end of book, she’ll wave to the last page. Whenever someone is walking out of a room, she waves after them. 

14 Months

She’s always been very smiley but she recently started doing this cute nose scrunching thing while she smiles. I love it! 

14 Months

She’s such a little goofball and is always findings ways to crack herself up. Last night at dinner, I heard this little “ha! Ha!”. I turned to look at her and she kept doing it until she was really laughing. 

14 Months

She’s also a very affectionate – she gives sweet little hugs and big, slobbery kisses. She loves cuddling with her stuffed animals and best of all, she loves to cuddle with me. 

14 Months

She’s got a fair amount of toys but right now, she’s obsessed with spoons. She keeps them in a little drawer in her play kitchen. She’ll walk over, open the drawer and try to hold every single spoon in her hand. If you ask her how many spoons she has, she’ll place them down one by one as you count them out loud. She’s even been known to steal spoons. Don’t turn your back while emptying the dishwasher

14 Months

I just can’t believe how fast she’s growing up. She’s already showing preferences for things like clothes and shoes. It boggles my mind how much she is able to absorb and act on. I feel like now that she’s walking and starting to talk, all of the pieces are in place. Now, we have to sit back and watch how this little person grows and takes shape. 

14 Months


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