Hair bow Charlie might be my favorite Charlie.




You guys, I love this girl. I can’t believe she is 11 months! This past month has been so exciting. I am blown away by how much this girl can do and by how much she knows. I don’t even know where to begin. 


She’s still not crawling but I feel like she’s going to be walking on her own any day now. She cruises like it’s her job and she can stand on her own, unaided. I think she could walk right now if she had the confidence. She grabs ahold of my hands and just runs full speed. 


Lately, our new bedtime routine is to all go up to bed and read books as a family. During this time, Charlie rolls around the bed and climbs all over us. I think it’s been essential in helping her build her strength. She realized that she can’t hurt herself if she falls on the mattress so she takes bigger risks and makes bolder moves.


This month I realized how much Charlie understands when we speak. I’ll ask her questions and she responds with a sound or by pointing. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to ask Charlie, “Where’s my nose?” and have her point at my nose. Like, wow, I can’t believe I managed to teach my kid what a nose is!


She’s still going crazy over peekaboo. She throws her blanket over her head and waits for us to say, “Charlie? Where’s Charlie” before bringing it back down. She always has the biggest smile on her face when she pops out from under the blanket.


She’s also doing great things like clapping her hands, giving high fives and waving. Just this past weekend, she started giving kisses. I feel like I’m not deliberately teaching her everything, she’s just picking it up by watching us. 



In just 25 days she’s going to be a year old. How is that possible??? 

After getting home from a 12-hour workday, this is how I translate Charlie’s actions:

  • Smiling, wiggling and jumping into my arms: You’re home! FINALLY!
  • Immediately followed by whining and yelling: I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LEFT ME THIS LONG! 
  • Settling in to nurse: Well, okay.  I guess I can forgive you.