10 months! This has been my favorite month so far. Charlie has finally cut her first tooth! She’s totally fascinated by it – always rubbing her tongue over it and has her finger in her mouth. 

10 months (2 of 11).jpg

Still no crawling but if she’s on the couch, she’ll lunge for objects and she likes to climb all over people. She’s a strong little girl but I think she’s still working up the confidence to move on her own. 


She loves walking around while we hold her hands. She’s still a little wobbly but she’s getting better at balancing on her own. When she’s distracted by something, she’ll let go of my hand and stand all by herself! It’s only for a few seconds at a time but it’s exciting. 

10 months (4 of 11).jpg

She’s getting better at communicating what she wants. She’s babbling a lot but we’re getting a good sense of what “Na” means (yes) versus what “Na!” means (no). She also points in the direction she wants to go which, is great. The other day I was carrying her and she pointed towards the stairs. We went up to the bedroom where she pointed at her crib, laid her head on my shoulder and passed out. 

10 months (1 of 1).jpg

Charlie LOVES books and her librarian father couldn’t be more proud. Some nights when I get home from work, we just read book after book after book (or the same book over and over again). I mentioned in another post that her favorite book is Moo Baa La La La and that she calls all books La La La. She’ll point at her pile of books from across the room and yell, “LA LA LA!” and it just kills me when she picks up a book and hands it to me or Conor to read. I love the way she turns the pages so intently and points at the images, especially cats. She’s transforming from a baby into a little kid! 

10 months (1 of 7).jpg

10 months (9 of 11).jpg


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