I don’t know if there’s anything better than watching Charlie dance to “In Da Club”.


  • Check out this recipe for cooked playdough over at my friend Emily’s blog. I filed this under Future Charlie Activities. 
  • Personally, I love getting a bunch of Happy Birthday messages on Facebook but this card is too clever to pass up.
  • self-portrait photo challenge born out of one person’s mean comment. Definitely participating in this one. 
  • I cannot wait until Toms Ballet Flats come out (tomorrow!). Those leopard print ones are dying to be on my feet.
  • Speaking of Toms, here’s a great tutorial on how to give your busted up pair a makeover.  
  • I don’t read many fashion blogs but I stumbled upon Alterations Needed, a great resource for petite fashion tips. 

We took a few minutes to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather this weekend. Ok, Conor thought it was unseasonably warm – I thought it was unseasonably NOT freezing.


Still no crawling but she wants to spend all day doing this. My back is not having it.



This girl wants to eat grass so badly.