I’d like to introduce you to my 8 month old(!) who can say, “Mama”. Yep, she says Mama and I’m pretty much the happiest person alive. It happened so quickly. One day she was babbling away and I could hear the M sound and the next day “Mama!” comes out of her mouth. I don’t know that she knew immediately what she was saying but with a little (a lot) of reinforcement from me, she got the hang of it. At  first, when she said Mama, she wanted milk immediately and now she says it whenever she wants me. Aah, it’s an amazing feeling. 


There aren’t any other major milestones to brag about but her personality is coming out more and more. She definitely loves to be around people – she’ll play independently for awhile but she prefers it if she can see or feel you. It doesn’t matter how sleepy she is, she’ll try and fight to stay awake if we’re around a lot of people. She used to go to sleep around 6:00pm but lately, she’s staying up until 7:30pm to hang out with us. 


We’re starting to experiment with how we put her to sleep. I used to be able to nurse her and she’d conk out but now that she wants to play more, that’s becoming almost impossible. I’m still not a fan of Cry It Out (CIO) but if she’s obviously tired, I will let her fuss or whine for a few minutes before I run to check on her. She’s also started to wake more during the night. I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or what but I hope it doesn’t last long! We’ve had it pretty easy for the last 8 months, I’d hate to turn into a sleep deprived parent now. 


No crawling and no teeth yet. I don’t care about the teeth but I’m dying to have her move around. She’s really strong – she’s good at standing and  can pull herself up – but has zero interest in being on her belly. Can you guys send some good crawling juju this way? I’ll let you know if it works in the 9 month update. 







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