The 7 months post is a little late. I kept telling people Charlie was 6 months and one day, I had to correct myself because it just snuck up on me. I feel like I’m going to have a tiny baby forever but look at her:


…she’s going to be running around soon! She’s not standing on her own yet but she’s able to pull herself up when she has a little support. She’s losing interest in sitting and hasn’t attempted crawling but she loves standing. She’ll even take a few steps if we hold her up by her hands. 


Part of me is eagerly awaiting the day she starts walking but I’m also kind of terrified. Right now, I like that she’ll play independently for a few minutes at a time and I think crawling and walking will help keep entertained for longer. But it also means I’ll have to constantly be ten steps ahead of her – I hope I can keep up! 


Last month, playing with toys meant picking something up and immediately putting it in her mouth. This month, she’s starting to explore objects more – she’ll pass them back and forth and feel them a little and THEN she sticks them in her mouth. She’s starting to pay attention to textures and sounds – she likes crinkling paper and mashing bananas in her hands.


Speaking of bananas, she’s been eating a little bit of food everyday. She likes bananas and avocados and seems to love carbs (like her mama) – toast, rice puffs and pita bread. I’m mostly mashing her food or giving it to her in chunks. I thought I’d do more purees but she doesn’t seem interested in liquefied food and honestly, it’s more work. I’d rather cut up bits of our food and let her try a variety of things (Indian food was not a winner). It feels more natural this way.


So, Charlie has passed her most monumental milestone yet: PEEKAHBOO! Last month, she was kind of getting the hang of it but this month she is all about it. I like to hide behind the couch and kitchen counter and pop out of different locations. I love watching her crack up when I pop out. I tell you, it’s the little things that get me. It’s also just cool to watch her brain develop. A few weeks ago, I could disappear behind a blanket and she would complete  forget about me, now she anticipates the moment I reappear. What will she figure out next???


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