My girl turned 5 months yesterday! As you can see, she’s sitting up…sort of. She can sit up for about almost a minute before she topples over but she’s getting better and better everyday. She’s also rolled over a handful of times but this girl does not like being on her belly for very long. You’d think that would give her motivation to roll over but she usually just whines until we pick her up.

Speaking of whining, she’s A LOT more vocal these days. I need to make a video of her squeals, yells and giggles. It’s nice because she’s not crying as much, she can let us know that she needs something just by raising her voice. If she is crying, I know she means business. 

Last month, I mentioned that she’s starting to grasp onto objects. This month, she’s full on grabbing everything – toys, hair, noses, glasses, and my beloved hoop earrings (I’ll never give up my hoops!). 

She’s become a little drool monster and is constantly chomping on her fingers. She’s not super fussy so I’m not sure if it’s teething or maybe it is teething and it’s not bugging her too much. I hope it’s the latter. I probably just jinxed myself by saying she’s not too fussy.

I’m learning that the first rule of parenting is never tell anyone when your baby is doing something well because as soon as you do, they’ll start doing the opposite. Is your baby sleeping through the night? Don’t tell ANYONE. I can almost guarantee that as soon as you do, she’ll be up every 2 hours that night. 

5 months-7

5 months-2

5 months-8

5 months-6

5 months-5

5 months-3

5 months-4


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