Every time I write one of these posts I say, “I can’t believe X months have passed!”. It’s crazy that I have a four month old daughter. Charlie still loves to be held and bounced but I can see her independence slowly coming out. It used to be that anytime she was awake, I’d have to be interacting with her in some way but now, she’s finding little ways to amuse herself. 

4 months-2

She’s starting to grasp onto objects and she puts them straight into her mouth. If it’s anywhere near her mouth, she’s likely to go for it. She mostly plays with clean prefolds and her tigger blanket but just this week, she started grabbing the rings in her play gym. I can’t wait till she masters this skill. She’s been drooling like crazy and chomping on her fists furiously. I’m pretty sure teething has begun. I can hold a wooden spoon in her mouth but it’ll be a relief when she can hold her own teething toys. 

She’s just as curious as ever. In the first two months, I dreaded taking her out because I was afraid of a baby meltdown but now, I know she’ll most likely do well. She just loves looking around. She still loves to be held but it doesn’t matter who’s holding her, she’ll go with just about anyone. 

4 months-3

She had her four month appointment today and she did fantastic. I hate when she has to get shots but she handles them pretty well. Last time, she cried for a few minutes but this time, she cried for a minute, nursed and fell asleep. She was even shooting me flirty smiles before she fell asleep. I know later on she’ll wake up and be cranky but for now, she’s sleeping peacefully. 

4 months-4

She weighed in at 13 pounds 11 oz and is 24 1/4 inches tall. She’s in the 50th percentile for everything – that’s my average baby! Ah, who am I kidding? She’s anything but average.

4 months-5


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