Don’t let that smile fool you – this girl can wail. Charlie just had the meltdown of all meltdowns. This parenting stuff can be hard sometimes. Most of the time she naps and is all smiles but sometimes she’ll scream her head off over I don’t even know what. It’s hard to watch your baby cry and cry and CRY and it seems like everything you do just makes it worse. 

I tried everything I could  think of: feed, diaper change, carrying,  shh-ing, singing, dancing, toys, etc. Nothing was working and her crying turned into full on screaming at one point. The worst things go through my mind during times like this. I feel like I must be doing something extremely wrong or that maybe she’s in some sort of pain. It got so bad that I ended up in tears. I finally just put her down so I could calm down and collect myself. There was no way I could help her if I didn’t take a minute for myself. 

I picked her back up and started swaying and singing. It only took her a minute to stop full on screaming and only a couple minutes more to stop crying. When she seemed calm enough, I tried nursing again. She started eating as if she had never eaten before. It was like she was saying, “About time, Mom. What did you think I was screaming about?”. Afterward, she flashed her big gummy smile and passed out. 

The funny thing is, I was sure she had been crying for hours but the whole thing from screaming baby to happy baby only lasted about an hour. One very long hour.


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