Month three has been my favorite by far. Charlie is SO fun right now! Last month’s smiles are nothing compared to what she’s doing today. I mean look at this girl:


She’s such a happy baby. Every morning when she wakes up, she looks at me and Conor like it’s the first time she’s seen us in years. Her eyes widen with such surprise and she breaks out her biggest smile for us. Then, she spends some time talking to us, telling us about her crazy dreams. I imagine they must be crazy with the way she tosses and turns at night. Seriously, she kicks and flails her arms around and even though we start out shoulder to shoulder, she ends up somewhere near my belly. But even with her crazy sleep dancing, and I’m hesitant to share this, she is such a great sleeper. She takes naps in the morning and afternoon and lets me sleep until 7 or 8 every morning. She LOVES her sleep (she must get this from her Papa). 

I think she’s on the verge of mastering head control which is such a relief. It’s much easier to hold her on my hip so I can get things done around the apartment. She’s not too keen on tummy time so I’m a little worried about her arm strength. She’ll work on holding herself up for a few seconds before she decides that eating her blanket is more interesting. After a minute of realizing she can’t put the entire blanket in her mouth, she starts crying. She’ll get there when she gets there. No rush, right?


I didn’t think that I’d give her a pacifier but she seems to always want something in her mouth. She sucks on her fists but gets frustrated after awhile and she’s not holding things yet so teething toys aren’t an option right now. That leaves us with the pacifier. I promise to wean her off of it before she goes to college. Stupid mom guilt. Anyway!

I didn’t realize how fun being a parent to a young baby could be. When she’s alert, I’ll lay her down and make goofy faces at her or put some music on and sing and dance for her. She gets such a kick out of it. Well…most of the time. Sometimes she gives me the WTF look.


I love all of Charlie’s faces. I call this The Smize:


And this is the I’ve-Had-Enough-of-This-Photo-Shoot:



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