Charlotte was really enjoying Goodnight Moon: 

But the ending really threw her for a loop:


I haven’t knit in so long. I just didn’t really feel like knitting when I was pregnant and my hands were full when Charlie was born. Now that she’s on a pretty regular nap schedule, I have a fair amount of free time. It feels good to be knitting again!


4 am chats

Charlie thought it would be fun to wake up at 4am to test out her new vocal skills. She spent a good half hour saying “Aaaaaaaaaah” over and over again in different volumes and pitches. I kept telling her to go to sleep and that reasonable people don’t wake up at 4am and start yelling at the top of their lungs. Her response? “Aaaaaaahhhhh!”


A few friends came down from MA to visit Charlotte (and us of course) so we headed to my uncle’s house for some fun in the sun. It was Charlie’s first time in a pool and she seemed to really like it. I’m not surprised since she absolutely loves taking baths. I can’t wait to sign her up for swimming lessons in a few months.

By the way, I went to Old Navy to buy a swimsuit for her and was a little annoyed that they only carried swim shirts for boys. All they had were little two pieces for the girls! Granted, she’d look cute in a baby bikini but I’m more concerned about her being protected from the sun so I purchased this awesome Superman getup for her. 

super charlie

Anyway, it was the perfect day and it was great to be with friends that I don’t see as often as I’d like.