I love co-sleeping! I’m a well rested mama and I owe it to co-sleeping combined  with breastfeeding. When Charlotte first came home, she slept in the Newborn Napper portion of the Pack N’ Play. Between my obsessive need to check if she was still breathing and the pain from my c-section, I nixed that after 2 days. When we first brought her into the bed, it wasn’t easy. I still had to get up every 2 hours to change and feed her. Once, I figured out the side-lying nursing position, everything became much easier. I started putting her in overnight diapers (a pocket diaper stuffed with extra inserts) so that all I have to worry about is nursing her.

The sound of Charlotte stirring can wake me even from the deepest sleep. Sometimes, she’s just changing positions but when she starts sucking on her hand, I know it’s nursing time. I carefully roll her over to me and get her latched on while she’s still asleep, then I can doze off. Most nights, she only needs to be nursed once or twice but she has those nights when she wants to nurse every 2 hours. Those are the nights I REALLY appreciate co-sleeping. I still manage to get at least 7 hours of sleep, even during the toughest nights. 

When I hear other moms complaining about lack of sleep and having to go all the way to nursery to feed their baby, I want to yell, “COSLEEP!” but I know it’s not for everyone. If you’re going to be so paranoid about rolling over your baby that you won’t sleep, it’s probably not worth it. Some people hear the word co-sleep and link it to SIDS. There is such a thing as safe co-sleeping and unsafe co-sleeping just like there is safe crib sleeping and unsafe crib sleeping. Personally, I feel better having her next to me where I can easily check on her. 

As much as I love co-sleeping, I don’t plan on doing it forever. Right now, I co-sleep for the convenience and peace of mind (okay and because I love snuggling with my baby), not because Charlotte needs it. This girl could sleep anywhere and I’d like to transition her into her crib while that’s still true. We’ll probably start off slow and keep her in the Pack N’ Play in our room and as I become less of a worry wart, we’ll move her into her own room. 


Charlotte had her 2 month check up today. She’s 11 pounds and 8 ounces! She’s a little less than one pound away from doubling her birth weight. I don’t pay much attention to percentiles but the nurse practitioner said her proportions are good.

She was so talkative and smiley during the exam. It made me realize how much she’s grown in the past month. At her last appointment, she was fussy and were dealing with her acid reflux but today, she was so happy and cooperative. Well…until she got her shots. She screamed her head off and I may have let out a few tears but I was able to calm her down in just a few minutes.

She seems ok now, just a little cranky. She did a little screaming and comfort nursing earlier but now she’s passed out and giggling in her sleep.


We went to my Mom’s last night for pizza, beer and games. It was more like pizza, beer and fawning over Charlie. I can’t blame them, I do it everyday! Here are some photos from the night:


Charlie and Ricky seemed skeptical of each other.



“We’ve got a fussy baby on our hands!”



“Oh, hey Grandma.”


Just being us.


The beginning of something beautiful.


“This is what they do on ‘So You Think You Can Dance!’”


I don’t watch that show. Can anyone confirm?


Hanging out with Uncle Mikey.



Someone was fussy from all the excitement and refused to sleep. 


Charlotte is a pretty chill baby but between the hours of 5 and 9, she needs to be held, rocked and a pacifier to keep her happy.