A few readers recently asked what kind of camera I use so I thought I’d do a little photography post. I actually just got a new camera but up until yesterday, I’ve been using a Canon Digital Rebel XT. I’ve been very happy with it but Conor and I really wanted something with video. I went with the Canon Digital Rebel T1i solely for the HD video but I really like it as a regular camera too. I noticed a difference in my photos immediately. I think the difference is pretty clear just looking at my 34 week photo and my 35 week photo. Ok, so maybe only I see a difference. My go to lens is a Canon 50mm. I use it for absolutely everything and it’s inexpensive.  I’m a fan of close up shots with lots of blur like the photo above but it’s also good for my weekly belly shots.


The above photo was taken using a macro lens that I borrowed from Borrow Lenses. I have no practical use for a macro lens right now so unfortunately, I can’t justify buying one but I’m happy just to play around with it for a few days. I thought I was content with how close I can get with the 50mm but man, I really want a proper macro lens now. Instead I went the other way and purchased a Tamron 17-50mm Wide Angle zoom lens. One downside to the 50mm lens is no zoom and living in a small apartment means I’m constantly backing up against the wall for wide angle shots. I plan on taking lots of photos of Charlotte so I wanted a bit more flexibility. 

Straight out of camera: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4      Straight out of camera: Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro

The above photos are straight out of the camera, unedited versions of the top two photos. I’m as amateur as they get so I almost always have to touch up my photos once I upload them. It’s usually just to adjust the exposure, make the colors pop or reduce some of the noise. I’m not set on one editing program. I use iPhoto, Photoshop, Lightroom and Picnik depending on how much editing I need to do. For simple light adjustments I stick to iPhoto and Photoshop. If I’m editing a series of photos, I go with Lightroom. Picnik is really great for adding fun effects and text. 

So that’s that. Obviously, I’m not  a professional or anything. I just like to play with toys. 

By the way, I linked to Amazon to show the products I bought but I didn’t pay full price for any of these things. Ebay and I are old pals. 


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