Gosh, I’m so antsy. I have very little left to do but I can’t bring myself to do anything. My reasoning is that if I get everything done too soon, all I’ll have left to do is wait. Time seems to go faster when I’m procrastinating. Maybe I should be enjoying these last two weeks of child-free living.

I went for a little bike ride yesterday and it was amazing. I know I shouldn’t ride because of the placenta previa but I couldn’t help myself. I felt so light and forgot I was pregnant for a moment. Everyone says I’m lucky not to be pregnant in the summer but I could see myself wanting a summer pregnancy next time. Especially, now in the last few weeks. Walking and standing for long periods of time really does a number on my back, hips, bum and legs. Riding my bike to get around would be such a relief. Walking usually involves stopping every few minutes to deal with a Braxton Hicks contraction or a pain in my leg, back or some inconvenient location. 

Charlie is still measuring two weeks ahead and my weight is still on track. I have to say, I thought I would relax during pregnancy and eat whatever the heck I wanted but it turns out, I couldn’t eat more if I wanted to. Ok, the daily sundae isn’t normal for me but I have a separate dessert stomach so it doesn’t count. I’m not really looking forward to trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully, chasing after a baby will help. 

The doctor told me that I should have my bags packed just in case. Kind of scary. If I went into labor at this point, it could be dangerous to me and Charlie so lets hope she stays put until the 13th. I did end up packing most of my bags last night. There’s a few things we’ll need to grab the day of but I have the most necessary things packed away. It is kind of exciting to see them sitting by the door. Ah, I can’t wait!



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