I planned to write about how easy pregnancy has been for me and how I’m so relaxed but this morning, I had a little freak out. I’ve been spending all winter walking slowly to avoid slipping on all the ice and snow but today, I fell getting off the bus. I’m fine and Charlotte is doing her normal crazy rib kicking routine but it really scared me. Normally, if I fall, I get right back up and maybe do a little bow if there’s a crowd but my first thought was, “Oh shit, I’m pregnant.” I didn’t have time to feel embarrassed, I just ran to my office building so I could freak out in private. I don’t think I’ve cried anything but tears of joy in months so it felt really strange to be so upset.

Like I said, I’ve been really laid back during pregnancy. I’m not one of those women who cuts out caffeine, lunch meat, soft cheeses, etc. I enjoy one cup of coffee a day, indulge in corned beef sandwiches weekly, drink herbal teas without worry, and occasionally enjoy smoked salmon on a bagel. I even sleep on my back. The only thing I really cut out is sushi and that’s only because I had some reservations about the local sushi joints before getting pregnant. I’ve also tried to drink alcohol but it just doesn’t feel right for me. I don’t care if other pregnant women have a glass once in while, though.

I’ve had this “I got this” attitude about pregnancy and I think I still do. I just need to avoid falling off buses for the next two months. I’m also never going to complain about Charlie kicking me in the ribs again. While, it only took her about ten minutes to start moving after the fall, it felt more like ten hours.

Here’s to no more freak outs for the next two months! I’ll save them for when the baby is actually here.


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