29 weeks – I may have to start doing these every week. My belly is growing at an alarming rate. Hah, I almost typed weight instead of rate. That’s growing, too. I’ve been measuring and weighing in right on target at my prenatal appointments so far but I won’t be surprised if at my next appointment, my weight skyrockets. I eat pretty well but my major weakness is ice cream. I don’t crave it anymore than usual but I pretty much allow myself to have it whenever I want. Pre-pregnancy, I’d talk myself out of it half the time to save my waistline. Waistlines don’t exist in pregnancy so no worries there.

PS. I’m full out baby blogging now. I don’t know many mothers so baby and mom blogs have been a big help to me. It’s inspired me to do my own baby blogging. I know not everyone is baby crazy so I completely understand if you want to unfollow me. I’ll still love you!


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