My husband, Conor, accepted the RPM Challenge and recorded an album during the month of February. I’m a bit partial to the song above, “Fruit of the Week”. Every Wednesday, Conor and I get emails telling us how big Charlotte is and which fruit or vegetable she is that week. Although, we can both see how big my belly is getting, it’s been a great way to visualize how much she’s growing. I can’t believe how close we are to the end. She’ll be a honeydew in a couple of weeks, then a watermelon and finally, she’ll be here and she’ll just be Charlotte. Anyway, it’s a really sweet song.

This is Conor’s cover for the album. That little teddy bear is Conor’s from when he was a child. Her name is Daisy and I predict that her and Charlie will be great friends…with Conor’s blessing, of course.


soon (by Brenda Torres)

Of the things I miss most, drinking is not high on my list. It’s strange but I rarely think about drinking. I think I miss having more than one cup of coffee a day more than having a drink. However, when Conor purchases a nice bomber, I do get a little jealous. 


30 weeks! Check out my humongous belly. I used to think it was weird how pregnant women always seemed to be rubbing their bellies. Like, we get it! You’re pregnant! Well, I’m eating those words today. I rub my belly all day long. I don’t think of it as rubbing my belly though, it’s more like I’m touching my baby. She moves constantly and her little bum is right at the top of my belly. I can’t help but keep my hand there and feel her move.

Feeling her move is definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. Of course, I can’t wait till she’s here and I can hold her in my arms but I think I’m actually going to miss feeling her inside of me. There’s really nothing like it. Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to do hand stands because her bum will be pushed so far up, it looks like I have a giant bump on top of my bump. Other times, I think she must be having a dance party because I’ll get sharp kicks everywhere! She seems to like kicking my ribs and belly button the most. One of my favorites is when I’m laying on my side and I’ll feel her little foot rub up and down my side and it tickles like crazy. As she gets bigger, the sensations change and I’m sure there will come a day when her movements become too much for me and I’m ready to have her out. For now, I’m just enjoying all of her little (and big) movements.