Crib Skirt (by Brenda Torres)

This is a SUPER easy no-sew crib skirt I made using this tutorial. I fell in love with this crib bedding set and added it to the baby registry immediately. Then, I started experiencing some registry remorse because half the items in the 4 piece set are essentially unusable. Crib bumpers and comforters are controversial because they pose a suffocation risk. But, I loved the vintage look of the fabric so I thought I would feel okay with just using the sheet and crib skirt. Fortunately, I realized how silly it would be to spend $170 on a sheet and skirt.

DIY to the rescue! I picked up a plain yellow sheet from Target that was on clearance for $4 and found this awesome fabric at Jo-Ann’s for $8 (yay, coupons!). It still has the same feel as the other bedding but with a much cheaper price tag.

Crib Skirt

Crib Skirt

Crib Skirt


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