Winter Gear for Charlotte

Although, Charlie will be a summer baby, I figure I should start knitting some winter gear now while I still have the time. She’ll be 5 or 6 months with the cold weather hits so clearly, old enough to want some cute winter accessories. Ok, maybe her mama will be the one accessorizing. Here are a few items on my knit list for Charlie:

Norwegian Baby Hat – When Conor and I were in Iceland, ALL of the babies were wearing these cute hats. I knew that our babies would be wearing them too.

Miitens – These are just so silly and adorable. I kind of want an adult version.

Trail Cap – Every baby needs a little bit of whimsy in their life.

Poncho – I wouldn’t be caught dead in a poncho but I’d put my baby in one in a heartbeat. I can just imagine throwing this over her on chilly mornings. This also has the potential to grow with her. I’ll wrap her up in it next winter and the following fall, it’ll make a great transition item.


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