Mad Men Week Day 4: I Say Goodbye To People All The Time

Nice analysis by Ms. Lobner. Also, I’m pretty sure there’s a Neko Case reference in there. 


By Colleen Lobner

There is no other show on television today that invites as much frenzied blogging and analysis as AMC’s Mad Men. That’s why TV School is taking the whole week to air our varied insight on Season Four and the series as a whole. This is our fourth installment out of five.

“At this point, the show has committed itself to telling the same story in many different ways, many times over. It’s the same story they’ve been telling us all along, if you hadn’t noticed: A man’s whole world falls apart, and he falls with it. He goes down and down, until it seems the fall will kill him. Then he lands, in the same way every time, impossibly safe once more. He lands safely, so that we can watch him fall again.”

Sady Doyle, “Mad Men’s Don Draper Dilemma”, The Atlantic

Not to get all The Wire on you, but there is definitely a “same as it ever was” vibe permeating Mad Men’s fourth season. Pete Campbell’s a dad again. Duck has fallen off the wagon. Roger and Joan temporarily reunite (although the consequences of their encounter will endure well after Dr. Rapist returns from Vietnam). Miss Blankenship drops dead at her desk, surrounded by people she answered phones for all her life. Midge makes an appearance, albeit skinnier and worse for the wear. Anna Draper briefly returns to the land of the living, Obi-Wan Kenobi style. Even Freddy Rumsen has re-entered the fold, and of all the characters, he had probably disgraced himself the most viscerally, pissing his pants during an important client meeting back in Season Two. But it’s like Betty Draper Francis Cooper Nichol says: people are entitled to a fresh start.

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