Three (four?) years in the making

Three (or four) years ago, Conor said he wanted to learn how to knit. The next day we hopped on the T to Windsor Button, one of my favorite yarn stores in Boston, to buy some yarn and needles. I led Conor to a wall of Cascade 220 – a wonderful beginner yarn and a nice go-to yarn even when you’re way past the beginning stages.

Later that day, we sat down and I taught him the basics. I watched as he knit each stitch slowly and carefully. If he dropped a stitch or made a mistake, he’d pause and ask me to fix it. When I first learned to knit,  I wouldn’t stop for anything. I was dropping, twisting and adding new stitches left and right. That explains why my first scarf looks like a mangled baby blanket and Conor’s is perfection.

Conor would work on the scarf every so often, knitting for a half hour then putting it down for a couple days, weeks, months, YEARS!! Three (or four) years later, Conor has a wonderful hand knit scarf:

I’m not sure if this is the first of many knits or the end of trying something new but in my heart, Conor will always be a knitter.



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