It’s been a great year

1. handspun – merino/tencel, 2. Guernsey, 3. Snapdragon Tam, 4. Toasty, 5. Kiss, 6. Handspun: Merino, 7. Snapdragon Flip Mittens, 8. Vine Yoke Cardi, 9. Engagement Ring, 10. Snap Tam, 11. Vine Yoke, 12. Favorite handspun so far, 13. Snap Flip Mittens, 14. Baby Sophisticate, 15. Simple Yet Effective, 16. Kaari, 17. Merino/Silk Blend All Spun Up, 18. Grande Hat, 19. Spiraluscious, 20. Heart, 21. Afterthought heel socks, 22. Iceland, 23. Maddox, 24. Helena

Next year: marriage, Spain, knitting, spinning and maybe some new hobbies. Weaving, perhaps.


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