“Ahh, Lent. I love practicing Atheist Lent, and let me tell you why. Christians have surrounded it with so much silliness, that you might be tempted to overlook Lent. There’s that incredibly stupid-looking dust-smudge on your forehead. Great way to look like an idiot and give yourself a breakout. And then there’s the very idea – to honor Jesus with your own personal sacrifice. I mean, I am sure that giving up candy to honor your god who starved for 40 days then died for you and then became supreme ruler of the universe will mean a lot to him.

But let’s assume there is no god, no Jesus. That means you are not giving up or improving for Jesus, but for yourself. Atheist Lent for me means just that – not sacrificing or giving up something, but making a positive and meaningful improvement in your life or community.”

Have A Godless Lent: The Everything Else Atheist

I really like this guy’s view on lent. I, myself, am not religious in the slightest and always hated the idea that you’re supposed to give up something in your life to “suffer”. If I really wanted to suffer I’d give up the internet or my boyfriend for 40 days. But I think we all have a little room for improvement so I’ll take this opportunity to work on myself. What am I giving up? The lazy lifestyle I’ve adopted since starting this new job three weeks ago. Back to the gym and healthy eating for me…well, for 40 days at least.


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