Ok, fine. I can live with this. What I can’t live with are the people who couldn’t take two seconds to read the word ‘Tropicana’ and ended up buying the wrong juice!

“As a loyal Tropicana buyer, I don’t love the straw-punctured fruit or the old logo at all. What I love is Tropicana juice. And the new packaging made it hard for me to buy it. My preference was hidden in small type; the cartons no longer differentiated on the shelves. It took me longer to shop, and twice this winter I went home with the wrong juice”

See the new package here.


You win this round, Perreault.


Shared by Conor
Eat it, Brenda and Carleton! (aka The Lovers Of Ugly OJ Packaging Brigade)

We won! PepsiCo is reverting to the old Tropicana OJ containers.

The about-face comes after…

Bad Tropicana packaging to go away


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