White Box

I rely on daylight for decent photos of my knitting but since we have a few more months of this awful winter, I figured I better come up with an alternative. Using a combination of this tutorial and this one, I created a white box:

I have to say, I love this thing. It’s great for capturing true color and stitch definition. I’m itching to get more stuff on the needles just so I have something to take photographs of. I ended up grabbing whatever was laying about. Photos after the jump.

I used my Canon DSLR for the above photos. Out of curiosity, I took a photo using Conor’s Canon point and shoot:

All this  time, I thought I needed a fancy camera to take decent photos of my knitting. Really, all I needed was decent lighting.  A DSLR costs hundreds of dollars and the white box only cost $50 to make.



  1. Super duper shots! Especailly the last one with the Canon, really illustrates how good the box is! [ty for the links btw! – bookmarked!]

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