Year of Knitting

1.Child’s First Shell Sock, 2. Deep V Argyle Vest, 3. Arrowhead Shawl, 4. Blustery Vest, 5. Argyle Hat, 6. Wicked, 7. Lace Scarf, 8. Beard Hat, 9. Lace Ribbon Scarf, 10. Market Bag, 11. Parallelograms, 12. Revontuli, 13. February Lady Sweater, 14. Hubert the Hippo, 15. Clarence, 16. Seaweed socks, 17. Koigu Socks, 18. Urchin, 19. Verity, 20. Swallowtail

I have to say that 2008 kind of rocked. Especially, knitting-wise. I dabbled in sewing this year but my heart truly belongs to knitting. I also feel like I’ve become so comfortable with myself this year. Moving back to Connecticut was the best choice I made in 2007 and it truly made 2008 one of the best years so far, in my life.

So, 2009. What am I going to do with you? I’d like to knit A LOT more, maybe continue that personal growth stuff, get a permanent full time job (preferably at Yale) and, what I think will be the best thing this year, go to Iceland!

Goodbye 2008!


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