Excuses from a deadbeat blogger….

You better upload your blog, lady!

You better update your blog, lady!

That’s PCarl wagging his finger disapprovingly at my lack of blogging. This one’s for you, Carleton!

I swear, I want to blog. The excuse I gave Carleton is I work till 5:00pm and by the time I get out of work, there isn’t enough daylight to take decent photos. “So, take them on the weekend!” he says. Oh…right, I could do that.

So, what have I been up to? Reading guilty pleasure books (I’m not telling but I’m sure most of you can figure this one out), Christmas knitting, Christmas shopping, lots of Christmasing in general and of course, work. I started and finished Verity since I last blogged.

I used Malabrigo and size 7 circulars. I ended up making the large and it fits pretty well. I probably could have gotten away with the medium but since, I didn’t swatch (I know, I’m horrible), I decided better a little too big than small. The band was a pain to knit! It probably took as long as it took to knit the hat itself. Ysolda, you’re a tricky one. I didn’t make any changes except I didn’t like the flap very much. You can see a good example of the flap here. To me and I think it’s just me, it looks a little bulky because it’s wider than the rest of the band so I ended up tucking the flap inside and sewing the button on.

It’s not as flappy as Ysolda’s but it’s flappy enough for me. Currently, I’m working on a Swallowtail shawl for Conor’s mom. I am really into this shawl! I think I might cry once I give it to her. It’s still on the needles so the only photos I have look like clumpy knitting. However, I am fond of the nupps:

I should be finished with this thing tonight. I haven’t knit Christmas gifts in a couple of years mostly because I think people are sick of receiving knit items from me but I haven’t made Conor’s mom anything yet. She’s also a knitter so I think she’ll appreciate the work I put into it. Speaking of Christmas, Conor and I put up our first tree together. We’ve had many Christmases together but this is the first time we’ll wake up in our own home together on Christmas morning. I love firsts!

Conor wanted to string popcorn but I'm positive the dog would eat it.

I’m 99.9% done with the Christmas shopping so to reward myself, I bought this sweater/knitting related mug. Work isn’t so bad when I’m ingesting caffeine from a sweater.

Well, that’s it for now. I promise to post more. I also caved and got a  Twitter account. Oh, internetz.


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  1. It’s about freakin’ time! The beret looks amazing on you, I need to finish the one I’m making for myself but whatever…I also love your hair–what little I can see of it. I was thinking of going shorter with mine again…ugh, decisions. haha

    Yay for Twitter!

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