I had a great time at Rhinebeck. I ended up going with my friend Jenny and her husband, Travis. It was their first Sheep and Wool Festival (my second) and they LOVED it. Travis isn’t even a knitter but he had a blast. I think the cheese tasting and kangaroo may have had something to do with it. We drove up super early yesterday since we could only stay for a few hours. This was good and bad. Good, because I didn’t spend all money I had budgeted and bad, because I couldn’t see everything. We hit the Fold first:

We got there as soon as it opened and there was already a huge line but lucky for us, Travis waited in line for us while we fought the masses to browse. I’m happy with my choices. Next, I was in search of Bartlett Yarns but hit up Seacolors on the way. I recognized the yarn instantly from Gale’s Book, Shear Spirit.

GORGEOUS colors! Jenny and I must have changed our minds at least 4 or 5 times while waiting in line to buy. I finally decided on the blue and chocolate. I love how she wrapped the 4 skeins together. I never made it to Bartlett Yarns.

After reading about the amateur photo contest at Rhinebeck on Claudia’s Blog, I decided to submit a few photos. I ended up getting a 2nd place ribbon in the Animal category for this photo:

It was pretty cool to see my photo up there with the red ribbon. So, all in all, a great day. I’m proud of my myself for not going crazy with the yarn purchases. Although, I know if I had the chance to do both days, I definitely would have bought more. There’s always next year!



  1. Hey there, congrats on the excellent award winning cat photo. Fab whiskers! And I love your yarn choices. This is the third time I’ve hung out with Nanney and been paralyzed with indecision on which of her gorgoeus Seacolors yarns to buy (four if you count when I stayed on her farm working on the book). I may ask her just to choose yarn for me. Lame! What are you knitting with it?

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