I had a great time at Rhinebeck. I ended up going with my friend Jenny and her husband, Travis. It was their first Sheep and Wool Festival (my second) and they LOVED it. Travis isn’t even a knitter but he had a blast. I think the cheese tasting and kangaroo may have had something to do with it. We drove up super early yesterday since we could only stay for a few hours. This was good and bad. Good, because I didn’t spend all money I had budgeted and bad, because I couldn’t see everything. We hit the Fold first:

We got there as soon as it opened and there was already a huge line but lucky for us, Travis waited in line for us while we fought the masses to browse. I’m happy with my choices. Next, I was in search of Bartlett Yarns but hit up Seacolors on the way. I recognized the yarn instantly from Gale’s Book, Shear Spirit.

GORGEOUS colors! Jenny and I must have changed our minds at least 4 or 5 times while waiting in line to buy. I finally decided on the blue and chocolate. I love how she wrapped the 4 skeins together. I never made it to Bartlett Yarns.

After reading about the amateur photo contest at Rhinebeck on Claudia’s Blog, I decided to submit a few photos. I ended up getting a 2nd place ribbon in the Animal category for this photo:

It was pretty cool to see my photo up there with the red ribbon. So, all in all, a great day. I’m proud of my myself for not going crazy with the yarn purchases. Although, I know if I had the chance to do both days, I definitely would have bought more. There’s always next year!


Lorna’s Laces

Just testing. But hey, sock yarn!