Little Birds

When Twist Collective came out, I knew immediately that I HAD to make Little Birds. I mean, look at it. It’s so cute with those tiny little birds.

I searched every online yarn vendor for the suggested yarn: Jamieson Shetland Spindrift. I think every other knitter on the internet had the same idea because the yarn was selling out everywhere. I finally found a place that had all the yarn I needed in stock. Except, the website lied and the main color was completely out of stock. I placed the order on August 3rd and figured, I’d get it a few weeks later. Well, a few weeks passed and I forgot about the yarn and Little Birds completely fell off my radar. Imagine my surprise when I got an email last week telling me my order had shipped! So, now I’m looking at this pattern I impulsively bought and a lot has started to dawn on me. I love the little birds motif and I know the project will keep me entertained with the fair isle and impending steeking. The actual shape of the sweater, however, will be completely unflattering on me.  I have a small bust, big hips and let’s face it, love handles. I can just see myself finishing this thing up and trying it on only to discover that the bottom ribbing makes me look two sizes bigger and the deep-v neck is just flopping around on my chest. I have seen a couple of mods online that could work on me:


by Erin from Girl Who Knits


by RobynPearl

I love the shape of the first one but the vest is calling out to me. This is going to be a challenge either way. I’ve never really done heavy modifications, especially with colorwork but hey, no time like the present, right? I’m going to make a guage swatch tonight and figure out  what I want to do. Any words of advice before I begin this adventure?




  1. Advice ?? no, just encouragement. You CAN do it. I’ve got projects in my head and they are just waiting to come out. You’ll know if it’s working and what to do when it’s not. Just keep working on it and don’t be afraid to tink/frog/alter at will!

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