Sarah Palin makes me laugh

I needed to organize my craft area. Everyday, I’d walk by this:

and I’d groan inside just thinking how messy and awful it looked. I’d feel even worse trying to sift through the mess just to find a single darning needle. I finally went to Ikea and picked up an Expedit bookcase and some Lekman boxes.

Aah, much better. Did I mention that my craft area is also the dining room? This is much less of an eyesore while enjoying some eggplant parm. Aside from re-decorating, I’ve also been knitting.

Socks of Kindness. Really love this sock pattern especially in this colorway. See the sock blocker my sock in progress is hanging out on? My dad made these for me:

I definitely get my interest in crafts from my father. I showed him a photo of wood sock blockers I had been eying and he said, “I can make you those!” and so, he did. I absolutely love them. I need to make him some socks as a thank you.


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