Kauni EQ

Work has been slow so I’ve been able to work on the Revontuli (Northern Lights) Shawl. I’ve basically got 5 hours a day to knit so I’ve been plowing through this thing and it’s been very exciting. The pattern is very simple but the yarn is fantastic. I love watching the colors change. I’m on the last handful of rows so I was looking forward to finishing the shawl today at work and getting home to block it. BUT (there’s always a but) the yarn has let me down (or maybe, I let myself down). Just as the blue was fading into violet, out comes BRIGHT orange:


The worst part is I KNEW this would happen. I had read many comments on this yarn and almost all of them had mentioned an awful color splice. I had actually been carrying around a second ball of Kauni for the past two weeks but decided yesterday it was taking up too much space in my bag. Now, I have to sit here, staring at my almost finished shawl.


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