She’s done…

Pattern: Revontuli-Huivi (Northern Lights Shawl) by AnneM

Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn in EQ

Needles: Addi Turbos US 9

Notes: I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed knitting something this much. I have absolutely no complaints about the pattern and you’ve already heard my one complaint about the yarn so not much to say! Well, except that I LOVE it.

I think I’m going to make another one eventually in a different colorway. Maybe in a blue or rust color. But for now, I’m very happy with the one I already have.


It’s blocking….

Also, more rainbow projects coming up…

New Ride


Conor and I are moving to New Haven in less than a month so I decided it was time to buy a bike. I went into The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop yesterday expecting to putĀ  super expensive bike on layaway. Instead, I ended up buying one right then and there.

Also, I’m am so CLOSE to finishing Revontuli! Maybe FO photos next week. I have a feeling I’ll be too busy messing around on my new bike to knit.


Kauni EQ

Work has been slow so I’ve been able to work on the Revontuli (Northern Lights) Shawl. I’ve basically got 5 hours a day to knit so I’ve been plowing through this thing and it’s been very exciting. The pattern is very simple but the yarn is fantastic. I love watching the colors change. I’m on the last handful of rows so I was looking forward to finishing the shawl today at work and getting home to block it. BUT (there’s always a but) the yarn has let me down (or maybe, I let myself down). Just as the blue was fading into violet, out comes BRIGHT orange:


The worst part is I KNEW this would happen. I had read many comments on this yarn and almost all of them had mentioned an awful color splice. I had actually been carrying around a second ball of Kauni for the past two weeks but decided yesterday it was taking up too much space in my bag. Now, I have to sit here, staring at my almost finished shawl.