Coachella was a disaster. I was a third of the way done when I decided to try it on. Perfect fit! Nice drape, low neckline but not too low. I took it off and knit a few more inches. I tried it on again and it hung so low, that if I wore it, everybody would get a show. Tess Microfiber Ribbon was just a bad, bad choice. It’s 100% nylon with no memory. I might start Clapotis with it and probably never finish it. Anyway, I did finish a successful item this past weekend:


It’s the Everlasting Bagstopper! and boy, is it everlasting! Look at that baby stretch (the good kind of stretch, not the kind that exposes your chest to the world):


I used Little Barn Cotton and Eco-Spun which, is made with cotton and recycled soda bottles. Perfect yarn for a market bag. I was going to knit the handles but decided that they would most likely stretch and die. I went for apple green ribbon instead. I machine sewed the handles on and they seem really sturdy and you can barely see the stitching.


My mom wants one for her trip to Aruba (ooh-la-la). She wants to make sure she has a big enough bag for shopping. Now, I just need to find a cotton or hemp yarn in the bright, happy yellow color she described to me.

In other news, I’m still working at Yale temporarily but they’ve extended the job a couple of months and I’m moving to New Haven soon. We’re still looking but we’ve narrowed it down to two places. Just waiting on a couple of things before we can decide.


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