Ravelry Scarf Exchange

A couple of months ago I signed up for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange. I decided to knit Parallelograms from Knitting New Scarves.

longview paralellograms

I used Cascade 220 and Tahki Torino. I chose the yarn based on color. I liked the idea of using two different reds. The Cascade 220 is a actually a heather red color but it looks orange next to the Torino.

I also included some soaps I made a couple of months ago (unemployment breeds new hobbies) and a knit dishcloth made from Tahki Cotton Classic.



I put the package in the mail yesterday. I hope she likes it!

In other news: Conor and I found an apartment in New Haven! I am so pumped. It’s so perfect how Sami was looking to get rid of her apartment which, ended up being the perfect place for us. It was just meant to be. It’s got tons of space which means I’m getting my craft room! It’s also really close to Yale so no more driving to work everyday. I think I’m going to save up the money I would have spent on gas (about $50 a week) and buy a bike in the fall.

Well, I’m off to go camping in Maine!



Coachella was a disaster. I was a third of the way done when I decided to try it on. Perfect fit! Nice drape, low neckline but not too low. I took it off and knit a few more inches. I tried it on again and it hung so low, that if I wore it, everybody would get a show. Tess Microfiber Ribbon was just a bad, bad choice. It’s 100% nylon with no memory. I might start Clapotis with it and probably never finish it. Anyway, I did finish a successful item this past weekend:


It’s the Everlasting Bagstopper! and boy, is it everlasting! Look at that baby stretch (the good kind of stretch, not the kind that exposes your chest to the world):


I used Little Barn Cotton and Eco-Spun which, is made with cotton and recycled soda bottles. Perfect yarn for a market bag. I was going to knit the handles but decided that they would most likely stretch and die. I went for apple green ribbon instead. I machine sewed the handles on and they seem really sturdy and you can barely see the stitching.


My mom wants one for her trip to Aruba (ooh-la-la). She wants to make sure she has a big enough bag for shopping. Now, I just need to find a cotton or hemp yarn in the bright, happy yellow color she described to me.

In other news, I’m still working at Yale temporarily but they’ve extended the job a couple of months and I’m moving to New Haven soon. We’re still looking but we’ve narrowed it down to two places. Just waiting on a couple of things before we can decide.

Update! Dun dun dun

I moved into a new apartment with Conor a couple of weeks ago and it is oh so very nice to feel independent again. I’ve been pretty busy so I haven’t done a ton of knitting lately but I did manage to finish the Lace Ribbon Scarf and I love it:

I ended up using about 1.25 skeins of Alpaca Sox on size 3 needles. When I first cast on for this project, I was in love. I loved the yarn and the lace pattern was interesting but still easy enough to memorize. But still, I got pretty sick of knitting a scarf out of sock yarn on size 3 needles. At about 60 inches I thought I was going to lose my mind. I bitched my way through the last 20 inches and Conor can vouch for that. The colors in the above photo aren’t really accurate. The pink is a lot less electric:

So, I’ve decided to practice project monogamy and seriously, only work on one thing at a time. This does not count for things I started before I made this decision (about 3 weeks ago) so Rusted Root and various half-knit socks will remain WIPS for life. I made one exception while knitting Lace Ribbon Scarf but only because it was a gift. Check it out:

It’s the Bearded Toque. My buddy, Al, requested this around Christmas time. I totally meant to start and finish it before winter was over but of course, I ended up starting it a week before his birthday when the temp starts reaching mid 70’s. There’s always next winter!

Next up: Pomatomus with the leftover Alpaca Sox. They may be socks or they might just end up being fingerless gloves to match the scarf.

Oh, and I know I haven’t gone to SnB in like 3 weeks but I’m going tonight!