I’m starting to think I have a thing for vests. Not all vests, just knit vests. The new issue of Knitty came out  and immediately I was drawn to the two vest patterns:


The first, Talia, is going to require some modifications. It’s a little too long and I’m not crazy about some of the design details but I am drawn to the shape of it. The second, Honeycomb, is perfect. The stitch detail plus the tweedy yarn makes this an excellent vest for fall. Of course, I can’t start either of these because I’m currently working on three things: Wicked, Rusted Root and Mystic Waters Lace Shawl. I also need to hit up the sewing machine soon. My mind has been drifting towards summer dresses.

It looks like I’ll be visiting California sometime in the coming months. I’m hoping to set up some job interviews in and around San Francisco.  I haven’t had much luck here so I’m hoping there might be something for me on the opposite side of the country. Even if I don’t get a fabulous job there, I’d rather work a crappy job there than here.




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