After baking the other night, I was a mess. I had flour all over me. My “workspace” is generally clean in the kitchen but I’m a mess. I will definitely sacrifice whatever I’m wearing without even thinking. What else could I do? I just had to make an apron.

I used a re-printed vintage pattern from Simplicity 3544. When I went to choose a pattern, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but as soon as I saw the pockets and panels, I knew this was the one. Check out the back:

I enjoyed sewing this apron more than anything I’ve worked on so far. Probably because I didn’t have to get caught up in measurements. I’m only wearing this in the kitchen so who cares if the bust is too big? No adjustments to the pattern were necessary. Shopping for the fabric was a fun time because I could basically go as crazy as I wanted. Again, I’m only wearing it in the kitchen, right? The fabric I chose has retro written all over it:

I think sewing is taking over my life. I’ve really been neglecting my knitting lately. My goal is to finish the vest I’m knitting by Sunday. Until then, I’m not going to go anywhere near the sewing machine.




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