It’s the new new…

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I had a great weekend in upstate NY and Northampton. I saw Neko Case for the 2nd time on Saturday night and it was incredible. She truly is my favorite musician. She sings so effortlessly. One second she’s joking around and the next she’s belting out a great song. I also love that she has such a great range. Just compare the songs she does with the New Pornographers to her solo stuff. The song that probably did it for me was ” I Wish I Was The Moon”. I remember seeing some reference to it in my boyfriend’s AIM profile before we started dating and out of curiosity (and because I was kind of stalking him) I downloaded the song and I was hooked.  So here! Listen to the song and love it. You can either download it or just listen to it online. 

In other news, I got that job at the boutique after all. I guess I gave up too soon. It’s an expensive boutique and I generally wear inexpensive clothing so I asked my manager if there was a dress code. She basically told me, “yeah, look cute!” I don’t HAVE to wear clothing from the boutique but she prefers it. She can go on preferring until I have enough money to actually buy anything from there. On a craft related note, I spent all yesterday sewing because I’m a little freaked out about having to dress up for work every other day. I decided to use up my Jo-Ann’s gift certificates and try to make cute clothes. Remember this top? I decided to make the tunic version of it: 


 Excuse my expression. I think that’s my “I hate taking photos of myself” face. (I really do. I think I ended up propping the camera up on a spray can of cooking oil.) I remembering saying that the last top I made would be my last Built By Wendy pattern but I kept coming back to this tunic and had to make it. I used a heavy double knit jersey which, I love. It’s so warm and comfy. Here’s a shot of the tie in the back:


I don’t know about the tie. I used a hook and eye for the other top but thought I’d try out the tie thing. It doesn’t really bother me when it’s on but I don’t really like the way it looks. Overall, I’m really happy with it though. I think jersey is a little more forgiving than 100% cotton. If something doesn’t line up perfectly, you can stretch it to fit. Also, there are absolutely no frayed ends to deal with. 

I’m starting to build quite the fabric stash. I think quilting might be in my future but not anytime soon. I’m going to work on another top for work and pay more attention to knitting for now.  



  1. Don’t be intimidated! Just start sewing and do your thing. Eventually, you’ll get the hang out of it and you’ll feel like you’ve been sewing for years.

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